Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Start at the Very...Start?

So, I have finished book five, watched all episodes of season two...twice.  And what to do, what to do until season three next year, or book six sometime before my yet to be born children reach adulthood. (GRRM will NOT be confined by publishing deadlines!)

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the books are the mouth watering descriptions of food.  Food, glorious food.  I thought it would be fun and interesting to do a culinary romp through the worlds of Ice and Fire, thus the genesis of this blog.

A few ground rules as they were:

1. Dishes will appear largely in the order in which they appear in the books, with support where applicable.
2. I will attempt to keep ingredients as close to historically accurate as possible, which should be good for folks on raw food type diets.  The men of the Night's Watch did not have high fructose anything, thank you very much.
3. I will try to keep to "locally available ingedients".  To do so, I will be drawing parallells between various locations in the books and their real world counterparts.  These locations will be announced as I decide what they are.

So this is it, my intro post.  Look forward to trenchers and more trenchers full of...well...stuff.

PS...does anyone else think that Westeros looks an awful lot like Kalimdor in this map?

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